Just bring it on, say diehard supporters

THERE will be no prizes for guessing where Irfan Hashmi and Krishnaswamy Sundararajan will be on Sunday afternoon. The devoted cricket fans will be at the sell-out match between Pakistan and India at the Adelaide Oval. Mr Hashmi, who owns five pharmacies in SA, is a devoted Pakistan fan. Born in Pakistan, he came to SA 12 years ago where he continues to indulge his love of cricket. “Cricket brings joy, it brings people together and it’s a big social event,” he says. Dr Sundararajan, born in Vellore in southern India, is an intensive care physician at the Royal Adelaide Hospital, a senior clinical lecturer at the University of Adelaide and president of the South Australian Indian Medical Association. “Indian fans wouldn’t mind losing the World Cup, as long as Pakistan doesn’t win,” he says.

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